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Progress Report Number Two

Posted by Stuart and Susannah Macpherson - 16:37 on 22 December 2005

Well, we have now been here for two and a half years and in many ways it feels like a lifetime. I can barely remember the sweltering heat, the leisurely golf games with chef Garry, the lazy days off lying by the pool with the blissful reassurance that I was not funding the luxury hotel development in the farming belt of rural Georgia.

The passing of time of course has many benefits I can now confidently stride to my car knowing which side the steering wheel is on. I had become adept at making myself look busy in the passenger seat before getting back out of the car to find the correct side. I have also renewed my passion for the Highlands of Scotland. I seem to see the landscape, breath the clean air and relish the weather with an unprecedented appreciation that I can only explain has come from the long absence from such beautiful surroundings.

The bane of my life this year has been the three “r’s”, roads, rhododendrons, and roofs.

After waiting for various expert opinions and quotes to fix the drainage problem left in the aftermath of the rhododendron clearance, none of which came to fruition, we met Mr. Archer an estate gardener from down South who was staying for a couple of nights at the hotel. Mr. Archer suggested we work with the wet soil to create a bog garden and cut trails through the remaining rhododendrons. So we finally planted the grass seed in October and started cutting trails, which are already providing great excitement for my two wee girls.

The half-mile driveway continues to challenge us. This year we invested a handsome amount of money in improving the road surface, which is already showing signs of deteriorating, and has managed to force the last brown hair on my head to turn grey.

During the occasional summer shower it became apparent that our roof was letting in water in several places and so once again we found ourselves calling in the experts. It is now evident that renewing some parts of the roof over the next several years would be prudent, and my receding hairline races to meet the nape of my neck.

Our refurbishment plans are slowly but surely taking shape and we now have a ground floor design plan and are waiting for the go ahead from historic Scotland, which we expect to have by early January 2006.

We managed to purchased new crockery and silverware for the restaurant and retire the old oval grey-rimmed plates to the attic for a rainy day.

My wee girls continue to be a source of joy any anguish, Aurora has now started School and is thoroughly enjoying it. Liah is in nursery and enjoys it most days.

The business continues to grow although more slowly than I would like.

Yours Sincerely,

Proud owners

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